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As a career performer, songwriter, film/TV composer and Billboard-charting producer, Nathan Walters understands the power of a melody. Growing up singing and studying classical piano in his home church in Florida, Walters understood from a young age that music was his life’s calling. After moving to Nashville at the age of 20, he quickly learned about a word-of-mouth audition for a new boy band being formed. Walters made his way downtown to Atlantic Records to audition for A&R Director/label head, Barry Landis. Thirty seconds into his audition, Landis stopped him and said, “You can stop singing. You’re in.”


Produced by David Foster and heralded as the Christian version of *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys, Plus One went on to tour the world, score number one hits, and sell over a million albums. For Walters, early success was a masterclass in how the business worked. He soon began writing and producing his own songs, inevitably leading other artists to request working with him as a producer. “My solo thing quickly became my production reel,” Walters says. “Since 2005 I’ve been a full-time music producer and composer. I work with artists from all over the world, and not just Christian artists. I also produce a lot of pop music and mainstream stuff.”


Spending so much time working with artists to develop their sound inspired Walters to get back into performing. “I had all these demo versions of me singing songs for artists I was working with. It made me think, man, I kinda want to release some of my own songs.” Walters still had a friendship with Barry Landis from his Plus One days and learned Landis was working on starting a new record company, MasterLabel. As the two were talking about plans for the label, Landis asked Walters a decision-making question. “Barry said, if your days were numbered, what area would you want to focus on and be passionate about?” Walters knew the answer right away – he wanted to pursue being an artist again.


Focusing on a single/video strategy, Walters is launching with a handful of cover songs sure to engage his ever-present fanbase as well as first-time fans. “I wanted to start with some big songs to introduce me as an artist,” Walters says. “It’s an honest approach, musically. It’s who I am now.” 


Walters’ lilting vocals and heartfelt delivery flawlessly balance piano-driven ballads to create pop music magic. His spin on Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years” sets a modern, vibey tone, adding atmospheric elements that give the song a fresh sound. Ed Sheeran cover “Perfect” is immediately recognizable while feeling entirely new. Standout track “Flowers,” an emotion-fueled response to the Miley Cyrus hit of the same name, is Walters at his best – quiet, reflective angst that delivers the perfect emotional beat. “When I heard Miley’s song, I realized it came from a place where she was hurt and putting all her emotion into that,” Walters says. “My first reaction was, ‘I’ve actually been the guy who should have been more considerate, been more present, brought her flowers.’ I knew singing it just like Miley didn’t fit me, so I turned the song into something I would sing about the same subject.”


Walters has found his groove with this new turn. Leaning on his experience as a performer, composer and producer, these new songs reflect a seasoned artist comfortable in his own skin yet ready to strike a new note.  



About Nathan Walters

As a producer, composer and songwriter, Nathan Walters has worked with:

-Jessica Simpson,

-Nicole Scherzinger,

-Darren Hayes (Savage Garden),


-David Foster (Celine Dion/Michael Bublé),

-Rodney Jerkins (Sam Smith/Michael Jackson),

-Michael W. Smith,

-Amy Grant,

-Kevin Max (DC Talk),

-Michael Tait (DC Talk/ Newsboys),

-Peter Furler,

-Natalie Grant,

-and Hawk Nelson.

In addition to a career of making albums, Nathan has also successfully written and produced for film and TV. He’s scored national TV ads including AT&T, Crest (feat. Shakira), Duracell, Conoco, TIAA, and US Cellular, while having multiple placements on MTV, VH1, ABC, CBS, and CW.




This project has over 3 million streams on Spotify and even reached #1 on the iTunes chart. Recording began on Music Row in Nashville, continued at Upper Room Studios in West Hollywood, finishing up at Nathan's exclusive Production Suite at Capitol Studios.

Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 10.08.11


“... I got a call from my manager telling me we had a dream opportunity to record at the Capitol Records Tower with Billboard Charting Producer Nathan Walters. One month later, we signed a contract to record a single and flew out to L.A. to produce and record it!!! A few months later, with Nathan's guidance and help, we started an crowdfunding campaign to help fund everything we wanted to do!! ...we raised $23,456!!!

Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 10.06.28


Magaluna recorded her first single with Nathan at Capitol Studios in the Capitol Records Tower. She launched a crowdfunding campaign, successfully raising over $7,000 and even catching the eye of pop artist Troye Sivan (who even donated to her campaign!). It eventually acquired over 100,000 streams on Spotify within the first two months of it's release. It’s currently pushing over 379,000 streams, proving to be a favorite for her new and current fans. All this done by an independent artist!


Nathan is passionate about creating a collaborative environment for you to explore new ways of expressing your sound, while staying true to who you are as an artist.


You will have the unique opportunity to record in Hollywood, CA at the historic Capitol Records Tower, or at one of the the many inspiring studios in Nashville, TN.  Alternatively, Nathan also has the ability to offer remote recording sessions using cutting edge technology, with artist who have their own home studio setup.

While working with Nathan, he will share invaluable insight on how to strategically release your music and develop a customized a plan for maximum exposure.


Being the most important stage of the process, this will create the foundation and focus for the entire project. Nathan's experience and involvement will help you decided what the best songs are that showcase your voice and brand as an artist.


During this phase, you will begin to focus on your artistry even more. This could be a process of trying different musical, stylistic directions for the song(s), until you and Nathan create what is distinctively your sound and vision for the project. This process is done online through email and video chat sessions. Once the direction is shaping up and the final song(s) have been decided upon, the next step is to schedule time in the studio to track your vocals.


Nathan is in demand from other award winning producers and music companies, because of this excellence in vocal production. So, know with full confidence you'll be working with one of the best!

Screen Shot 2020-02-05 at 1.12.05 PM.png

When recording at Nathan's favorite studio space in LA (Capitol Studios), his access to the renown Echo Chambers designed by Les Paul and built exclusively for Capitol Records, will give your vocals the same treatment as some of the most memorable recordings in modern history.

Nathan also has exclusive access to Capitol’s coveted “mic locker”, a vault with every microphone you can imagine, available for use, including the actual Telefunken U47 that Frank Sinatra himself used during his recordings at Capitol.

Screen Shot 2020-02-05 at 2.23.44 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-11-21 at 5.27.42 PM.png

While you're at the studio, you'll also have the opportunity to create fun and engaging promotional content for your social media outlets. Artists who have taken advantage of this, found it to be an important part of building the excitement and promotional momentum of their growing fan base.

Screen Shot 2020-11-21 at 4.26.27 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-11-21 at 5.08.06 PM.png

As an alternative to recording at the famous Capitol Studios in Hollywood, CA, there are many Nashville, TN studio locations that Nathan loves to use as well. Each offer a unique experience, while making music at the "Songwriting Capital of the World".

Screen Shot 2021-07-13 at 3.25_edited.jpg
Screen Shot 2021-07-13 at 3.26_edited.jpg

Remote recording 

Occasionally, there are artists who work long-distance or remotely with Nathan. Not only does this, remove expensive studio costs, but allows you to comfortably record in your own home or desired space. Nathan uses cutting edge technology which lets you both hear each other and the music in high quality, even allowing him to remotely control your computer if needed, so you can concentrate on your performance. It's almost as if you're both in the studio together!


This recording option, will require you to have your own computer, audio software, audio interface, and microphone. Need help selecting your home studio setup? Nathan can guide you through the process of finding the best gear for your budget and needs.


After the vocal sessions are complete, Nathan will continue to put the finishing touches on your music and begin sharing it for your approval. This is where you’ll hear all of your hard work brought to life as he shapes the details together to form a radio-ready-mix.

studio a.jpg
Screen Shot 2020-02-05 at 4.39.02 PM.png


Mastering for the final mix(es) will be sent to Nathan’s favorite team of mastering engineers, The Hit Lab. Founded by Grammy Award Winner, Nathan Dantzler (Niall Horan, Elle Goulding, One Direction),  The Hit Lab, specialize in keeping the original sound even after it is encoded for Apple Music and Spotify.

Hear production samples below

Production SamplesNathan Walters
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